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Sharing and Exchange Meeting about ".SHANGBIAO" Held in Guangzhou

Source: RegistryDate: 2016-04-06

On July 28, 2015, a sharing and exchange meeting about ".SHANGBIAO" (dot trademark in Chinese) organized by ".SHANGBIAO" Domain Registry was held at Marriott Hotel in Guangzhou. Representatives of over 50 intellectual property institutions and law firms across the country shared and exchanged views with the officials of ".SHANGBIAO" Domain Registry about the value of ".SHANGBIAO" and protection of intellectual property rights on the Internet.

At the meeting, Mr. Wu Yangyi, Operating President of China Region of “.SHANGBIAO” Domain Registry, shared his thoughts on the value of the ".SHANGBIAO" generic top level domain and rights protection. In his speech, Mr. Wu stressed that against the backdrop of the "Internet Plus" era, ".SHANGBIAO" will enable trademarks to have more remarkable performance on the Internet, allow netizens and consumers to search, identify and distinguish commodities and services or real, authentic and obvious network logos of information sources of relevant individuals, enterprises or organizations, enable trademark right holders to use, express, popularize, make public their rights and protect their rights on the Internet worldwide, and allow trademark rights to extend and expand online.

Mr. Wu also revealed that, to help a trademark right holder use ".SHANGBIAO" to create a secure point of entry on the Internet so that widespread consumers and netizens may identify that holder by means of ".SHANGBIAO" online, ".SHANGBIAO" Domain Registry has launched a value-added service on its official website, with a view to letting netizens find the true website of a particular trademark right holder and acquire information about its trademark and therefore helping that holder build up a true, trustworthy brand image on the Internet.


Next, the staff of the Marketing Department and the Channel Management Department of ".SHANGBIAO" Domain Registry briefed the audience about the marketing work and key marketing strategies about ".SHANGBIAO" and the common problems arising from the ".SHANGBIAO" registration service process. Moreover, two well-performing agents in Guangdong, Dongguan Shang Ying Intellectual Property Services Co., Ltd. and Foshan Yatai Zongheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. shared their success stories in providing the ".SHANGBIAO" registration service with other representatives present at the meeting. In the final discussion session, all the agents competed for opportunities to speak, raised some questions about ".SHANGBIAO" and detailed issues found in actual operations, and offered their suggestions on marketing and services to ".SHANGBIAO" Domain Registry.