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Online trademark defense emerging with the trademark domain name being the high ground

Source: RegistryDate: 2015-01-27

China now has 61.3022 million registered businesses and every year more than 1.8 million trademarks are applied with a lot of them having the same name. The Chinese vocabulary that has good meaning and easy to memory is limited, and the offline competition of registration has already been fierce. With the development of E-business, the battle of online trademark registration is coming. A big amount of same trademark owners will begin to register online trademarks one after the other. Have you prepared for the defense?

On May 22, 2014, ICANN said that the trademark domain name would be officially included in the DNS, be part of global Internet domain name, and open for global registration and application. This shows the beginning of online right protection of global trademark owners.

According to Internet experts, trademark owners have accumulated a lot of wealth on the trademark through long-term investment. If these trademarks are not under protection, they will be too fragile to prevent the imitation or even malicious application made by competitors, resulting in a great loss on reputation. No matter in "Registration First" countries or "Application First" countries, the trademark domain name will show the situation of application to global netizens and present the evidence of first application. Thus the risks of dispute and rush registration are prevented. Once registered, they will be protected globally. The trademark domain name is therefore the undisputed high ground.

The global trademark domain name is featured by low cost and fast to take effect, so it is the most cost-effective plan. In China, if one wants to protect a traditional trademark in all classes, he needs to pay at least RMB68 thousand and take a long time for approval. If he wants to do so globally, the cost will exceed RMB10 million. However, if the trademark domain name is registered successfully, the value of intangible assets can be protected at lower costs. With the emergence of online trademark defense, the international trademark domain name has become the high ground everyone fights for.