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“.SHANGBIAO” Attracted Much Attention during Top Level Domain Roadshow Tour Beijing Debut

Source: RegistryDate: 2016-04-06

On Nov. 4, the curtain fell for 2014 New Top Level Domain Roadshow Tour Beijing Debut. This great gathering was supported by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), Internet Society of China, ICANN and other related institutions and government departments, and gathered “.SHANGBIAO” (dot trademark in Chinese) Domain Registry, KNET, Zodiac Holdings Limited, Rightside, TLD Registry, Uniregistry, Afilias, Neustar, and other such organizations and large enterprises, as well as many experts and insiders that paid attention to the development prospect of new top level domains.

As the organization with which global trademark owners protect, express, popularize and make public their rights on the World Wide Web and which provides the addressing entry on the Internet, “.SHANGBIAO” Domain Registry uses the unique trademark rights protection attribute of its top level “.SHANGBIAO” to attract unified attention of the participants of the event. Wu Yangyi, Operation President of China Region of ".SHANGBIAO" Domain Registry, said in the speech, “.SHANGBIAO” is the only international generic top-level domain in the world that uses Chinese “trademark” as its suffix, which can explicitly mark that the domain name is a trade name like branding ® sign of the registered trademarks on the addressing tool of the Internet for the trademarks of the offline brands, which is of great significance to the protection of enterprise trademarks.


The aforesaid opinion was proved by the guest discussions on new top level domain that registrars participated in. All the participating guests were in favor of the market opportunity of Chinese new top level domain names, in the belief that it is easier for the top level domains of independent positioning that can satisfy specific needs of customers to gain the favor of the market. When the host asked them about what top level domains they were more in favor of, representatives from HiChina, Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology Ltd., Beijing Guoxu Network Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and EJEE Group all mentioned that they were very much in favor of “.SHANGBIAO” top level domains that were born with intellectual property protection attributes.

As introduced, the registration rule of “.SHANGBIAO” requires that the registration and use of “.SHANGBIAO” domain names must be fully equivalent to the trademark rights. The Domain Registry sets up strict review mechanism and works with registrars to verify the authenticity of every trademark rights, and also verify the real names of the registrants of each domain name, which can ensure that every “.SHANGBIAO” domain name can correspond to an offline real trademark right, so as to set up a corresponding relationship between the registered name of “.SHANGBIAO” and the trademark content of the real offline trademark holder, which can greatly highlight the brand value of the enterprises.


At present, upon registration, users can own an exclusive “.SHANGBIAO” domain name on the World Wide Web, and shall enjoy the online exclusive rights to their “.SHANGBIAO” domain name across the globe and be protected by law. For trademark holders, the registration words, which comply with rules and are most direct, simplest and easiest to remember, are very limited. The registered brand + “.SHANGBIAO” is also equal to the occupancy of commanding height of Internet brand promotion, which can yield twice the result with half the efforts in daily promotion. Therefore, it is very attractive to most enterprises that need to strengthen and promote their brand images on the Internet.


It is believed that is the reason why “.SHANGBIAO” attracts much attention. It is understood that this roadshow tour also includes Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen, in addition to Beijing. The gatherings at those places will be held on Nov. 7, 11 and 13, respectively. At the time, related organizations, enterprises and insiders that pay attention to Internet brand rights protection and would like to know more about how to apply for “.SHANGBIAO” top level domain names can know more information on “.SHANGBIAO” through the gatherings at those stops.