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“.SHANGBIAO” Domain Registry Made World Debut as ICANN Los Angeles Meeting Sponsor

Source: RegistryDate: 2016-04-06

From October 12 to 16, 2014, the 51st Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Meeting was held in Los Angeles, USA. It gathered representatives of Internet companies, governments, social organizations, experts and scholars from across the world that held discussions on Internet supervision and management, IANA transition, new top level domains, civilian participation in ICANN, network security, study of emerging technologies and many other aspects by means of fellowship and open discussions. Mr. Huang Xiongwei, Chairman of the Board of “.SHANGBIAO” (dot trademark in Chinese) Domain Registry, Mr. Wu Yangyi, Operating President of China Region of “.SHANGBIAO” Domain Registry, Mr. Alex Lee, Senior Vice President of Commercial Development and International Business and some of the employees from the Domain Registry participated in this ICANN meeting.

As the official sponsor of this ICANN meeting, “.SHANGBIAO” Domain Registry arranged the exhibition stand of the meeting and showed the value and promotional meaning of “.SHANGBIAO” domain name to registrars, experts from the domain name industry, related experts from the intellectual property rights industry and enterprise user representatives from around the world, which attracted much attention from participants. As a Chinese generic top level domain of distinctive brand trademarks, “.SHANGBIAO” Domain Registry attaches great importance to working with Chinese top level domains for communications to push forward the application and development of Chinese domain names. During the meeting, it had reached agreements with many Chinese top level domain Registries to carry out a series of market promotion and educational activities in China and Asian region.


“.SHANGBIAO” is the only international generic top-level domain in the world that uses Chinese “trademark” as its suffix, thus providing an Internet addressing entry for global trademark holders to protect, express, popularize and make public their rights on the World Wide Web. “.SHANGBIAO” is in full compliance with various management requirements of ICANN and also in line with various operating standards of international generic top-level domains. It is an authoritative, reliable and safe international generic top-level domain. “.SHANGBIAO” domain name is a network identity that not only highlights domain name rights and trademark rights with intellectual property attribute but is also the most direct top level domain name on the World Wide Web to highlight trademarks.

At present, “.SHANGBIAO” domain name has entered the stage of priority registration. Before the deadline of Nov. 30, users can submit their priority registration applications. Upon completion of the priority registration, should the applicant be the sole applicant, the applicant shall obtain the domain name. Should multiple applications be submitted for the same domain name, the Domain Registry shall entrust an international professional domain name auction website to auction the domain name among applicants. As an exclusive and rare Internet address resource, “.SHANGBIAO” domain name shall adopt a first-come, first-served principle. Once the registration succeeds, the registrant can immediately own the sole “.SHANGBIAO” domain name on the World Wide Web and shall enjoy the online exclusive rights to that “.SHANGBIAO” domain name around the world, which shall be protected by law. Since trademark is registered and managed by country and region and according to industry categories, the same trademark may appear in different countries and regions and different industry categories. To have the opportunity to obtain the most matching and simple “.SHANGBIAO” domain name for the brand name, “.SHANGBIAO” Domain Registry suggests that trademark owners should submit their applications within the stage of priority registration as early as possible. For them, the number of registerable words that are not only in compliance with rules but also the most direct, simplest and easiest to remember is very small. Once the registration is successful, it is equal to the occupancy of commanding height of Internet brand promotion, which can yield twice the result with half the efforts in daily promotion.