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6•18 War in Jindong: Tmall and Gome join in the rally and bring people to the focus on online retailers’ domain names.

Source: RegistryDate: 2014-07-01

We have the World Cup as well as promotional activities put forward by various online retailers in the Carnival June. This year sees the shopping feast of Jingdong Mall, but Tmall, Gome Online, Amazon, Dangdang and No.1 Shop have come out and joined the shopping rival to unlock a new round of competition as well, which has aroused comprehensive attention and made online retailers extremely busy.


Jd.com has recently come into the market in the USA. As a commercial giant, it has always despised its rivals like 1688.com, suning.com and gome.com.cn. Liu Qiangdong, the CEO of Jingdong, made a public remark in earlier times that Jingdong would be bound to have a fierce competition with Amazon and Wal-mart in the future, which totally manifested the ambition of Jingdong to build a platform to compete with varied e-commerce giants.


Of course, the Jingdong Company attaches great importance to its domain name and the domain of its domain name has also been expanding, turning to be increasingly internationalized. The Jingdong Company changed its name from "Jingdong mall" into "Jingdong" and its domain name 360buy.com into jd.com, but its development momentum has not been on the decline. In addition, the Jingdong Company has bought domain names like jingdong.com (Jingdong), 3.cn, jingjing.com (Jing Jing) and dongdong.com (Dong Dong) at a high price.


In March this year, the cooperation with Tencent made Jingdong Mall so powerful that it was eager to compete against Ali by turning the tide. The 6 •18 anniversary of Jingdong is undoubtedly the first big test since its entry into the market. It was reported that the shareholder of Jingdong, paipai.com, has launched comprehensive promotion of various goods themed by “crazy shopping” in the 11th anniversary store of Jingdong to expand the influence of Jingdong Mall.


Last year, the number of Jingdong's one-day webpage browses amounted to 350000000 in June 18. But the sales volume of 750000000 yuan from Jingdong was still unparalleled with that of Tmall, reaching 1300000000 Yuan. Faced with the fierce competition with various online retailers, the Jingdong Mall has become a passive side now. How can it regain its advantageous position? And according to statistics from alexa, the IP (averaged by three months) and PV (also averaged by three months) of the domain name jd.com have respectively reached 2970000 yuan and 86130000 yuan.


Online retailers put down their prices of goods to compete with Jingdong Mall on June 18, among which the gome.com.cn has already fired the first shot by promotional activities lasting 32 days. And it has also granted cash coupon in the amount of 3.2 billion yuan, declaring to crack down Gome. Similarly, VANCL.com has also been prepared to challenge with online retailers like Tmall, Jingdong, and DangDang.com as if they were prepared to fight as enemies in a battle on June 18. In addition, Shop No.1 (yhd.com) grants online exclusive benefits on June 18 and amazon.cn introduces "Price Month" etc.


The shopping hot on Jd.com on June 18 not only fuels the promotional competition between various online retailers, but largely lifts customers' shopping passion. The Jingdong mall's business is on fire and welcomes various rivals. So it intends to compete with online retailers as Tmall, Gome Online, and Shop No.1. A series of brand domain names like TMALL.com and yhd.com together with Jd.com are prepared to seize the advantageous position. Hence, the competition between domain names will be on the rise due to a rock and hard in the field of online retailers.