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Notice of “.商标” Registration Duration Policy Change

Source: ".商标"RegistryDate: 2015-07-10

In efforts to provide a more robust and valuable mechanism for global trademark owners to protect and promote their trademark rights on the Internet through the registration and use of “.商标” domain names, effective beginning on 8, January, 2015(beginning implementation on 1, February, 2015),  the “.商标” Registry will make the following change to its registration duration policy: 


Domain name registrations based on trademark Registration Proof are subject to a fixed registration duration of ten (10) years for the first-time registration. Registrants can choose to renew a domain at any time after the first year and the total registration period shall not, at any time, exceed a total of 10 years.


Domain name registrations based on trademark Application Proof are subject to a fixed registration duration of one (1) year. If at any time during the registration duration, a registrant’s trademark application is approved and results in a registered trademark, the registrant can submit the registration proof to the registry for 10 year registration privileges. Upon approval the registrant will need to extend the domain name duration in accordance with the registration duration policy for a domain name based on trademark Registration Proof. At any time after the first year, the domain name can be renewed and resolved according to the rules for domain names registered based on Registration Proof.


For details please refer to the “.商标” Registry’s Policy which can be found here. /index.php/Index/policy/id/1245



Registration Duration Policy will begin implementation on February 1, 2015. Any registrations made between the beginning of General Availability on January 8, 2015 and February 1, 2015, will fall under the original policy.



Domain names registered during the Sunrise and Priority Registration periods can be renewed at any time during the initial registration's duration period for any duration of up to ten (10) years in accordance with the Registry's registration policy.



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