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【China Trademark】: Trademark Festival Comes to a Successful End in Haikou, and “.SHANGBIAO” Domain Name Receives Wide Attention

Source: RegistryDate: 2016-04-06

On October 19, the three-day 2015 China Trademark Festival organized by China Trademark Association came to a successful end in Haikou. In those three days, personnel of “.SHANGBIAO” (dot trademark in Chinese) Domain Registry, together with participating leaders and guests, offered advices for the construction and development of China’s trademark.


With the implementation of “Internet Plus” plan in all professions and trades, the trademark festival had a major discussion on how do trademark react to the development of the Internet era. In recent years, the Internet has brought huge space and unprecedented opportunities to the promotion of trademark. But because of the openness, anonymity and rapidness of the Internet, as well as the increasingly developed technologies, such as cloud computing and template-based rapid website building, the infringement cost of trademark on the Internet becomes lower. Many scam websites pretend to be the well-known official websites, to sell counterfeit and shoddy products and obtain an exorbitant profit. Due to this situation, trademark right holders suffer enormous commercial losses, and the brand and goodwill on the Internet are also seriously impacted. Therefore, it has become a key topic for many brand enterprises to find the way of monitoring the infringement of trademark on the Internet as well as defending their lawful rights and interests.

On the afternoon of October 17, at the “IP Service Innovation and Standard System Construction Forum”, experts from Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, China Trademark Association, IP service sector, and trademark enterprises delivered a speech and made a sharing centering on “IP innovation”. Wu Yangyi, Operating President of China Region of “.SHANGBIAO” Domain Registry, attended the session, and made a keynote speech. At the forum, Mr. Wu said that “.SHANGBIAO” has been recognized and authorized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), to become the globally generic top level domain with clear trademark logo on the World Wide Web. According to the registration rules of “.SHANGBIAO”, the registration and use of “.SHANGBIAO” domain names shall be fully consistent with the trademark rights of registrants. So, “.SHANGBIAO” becomes a top level domain name exclusively owned by global trademark right holders. Furthermore, as an innovative online logo of IP of “Internet domain name + IP trademark”, “.SHANGBIAO” has gradually become a new way of promoting and applying the traditional trademarks on the Internet.


As for the value and function of “.SHANGBIAO” domain name, Wu Yangyi believed that consumers in China had difficulties in identifying trademarks on the Internet. On the one hand, it is not very convenient for consumers to display ® logo on the Internet, especially on the resource of domain name address. On the other hand, many netizens are insensitive to ® logo and unfamiliar with its meaning. Therefore, the name of trademark with “.SHANGBIAO” logo can fully remind consumers that it is a registered trademark, and they can have access to the official website through the link. After the successful registration of “.SHANGBIAO” relying on the trademark rights, trademark right holders can use “brand. SHANGBIAO” as the domain name of website and the logo of rights on the Internet, as well as can print it on product packaging, decoration design, specification, business card, exhibition, and advertisement materials of various traditional and network media for individuals, enterprises, and organizations. “.SHANGBIAO” should be remembered by clients and consumers through continual promotion and publicity, to make it the trademark logo of enterprises on the Internet. Hence, through registration and use of “.SHANGBIAO”, trademark right holders are able to expand their offline brand trademark to the World Wide Web.


On October 18, the second day of the 7th China Trademark Festival, Wu Yangyi, as the representative of “.SHANGBIAO” Domain Registry, had a roundtable dialogue with Cai Weiping, Assistant Secretary General of HKIAC, Zhang Qiulong, Chairman of Saintbuild Intellectual Property Co. Ltd. and Guo Fengwu, Chairman of Beijing Shewen Technology Co., Ltd. at the “Summit Forum for the Protection and Development of China’s Brands in an Internet Era”.


Besides the forum, China Brand Expo was kicked off. Relying on the distinct IP innovativeness, the booth of “.SHANGBIAO” Top Level Domain name gained the attention of leaders and guests from all walks of life. According to the incomplete statistics, in the period of exhibition, “.SHANGBIAO” exhibitor team received more than 500 professional visitors. The majority of representatives from trademark enterprises and IP service organizations showed great interest, and had an in-depth understanding of “.SHANGBIAO” as the globally generic top level domain with clear trademark identification on the World Wide Web. Some enterprises participating in the exhibition were willing to register “.SHANGBIAO”. Moreover, on the scene, more than 10 famous law firms and IP service organizations, such as Xinan Trademark Service, Yichuan Information, Jinghu Trademark Service, and China Trademark & Patent Law Office Co., Ltd. reached cooperative intention of agency of “.SHANGBIAO” with registrars of “.SHANGBIAO”.


It was worth mentioning that “.SHANGBIAO” Top Level Domain was administratively licensed by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China this year. With the legal qualification of operation and promotion in Chinese market, “.SHANGBIAO” Top Level Domain has been formally included in China Internet domain name management system. This edition of trademark festival also formally used “.SHANGBIAO” domain name as the entrance of official website. Visitors can easily have the access to the official website of trademark festival by inputting “中国国际商标品牌节.商标” in the address bar of browser.