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Transition Period for DNSSEC secret key of .商标(.xn--CZR694B)

Source: RegistryDate: 2016-09-23

Dear .商标 Registrar,

Please forward the following time sensitive information to the appropriate technical contact within your organization.

The KSK secret key of .商标 (xn--czr694b) TLD, has entered a transition period, according to the DNSSEC Practice Statement (DPS) for .商标 domain name. The old KSK secret key (Key ID: 41629) has been scheduled to be removed from zone on September 28, 2016 at 10:00 (Beijing time).

If the recursive server you manage (or part of the browsers) enables DNS verification by using .商标 domain name as a trust anchor (using trusted-keys command), please remove the trust anchor configuration of .商标 domain name in the recursive server before September 28, 2016 at 10:00 (Beijing time), and set up the new KSK secret key as the trust anchor. To maintain the continuity of recursive server service, please restart it after the invalidation of relevant recording buffer of the old KSK secret key.

The following is the information for the new KSK public key (Key ID: 2444) of .商标 domain name: DNSKEY : xn--czr694b. 3600    IN      DNSKEY  257 3 8 AwEAAaqIDoHj1xazdVbAs3CYhzsNuDuzASg6LfZkcR0heRccuE7lhGqgXyipX91ngl61ORKH95STAFQnBgKjh86nakhbNta1CJGm559mcMaVpx/JCZ5h8ym9YrETN0RGr618Y/7iZ6xh+ySK0jWWYian5QxNgUMVER8jNcPT4dR/L3HwFdEMtrC/7UD7Os5YML0LyBxUBo7e1927KYPgmfjviDLes0SrZ2NZu+ywH/QINjcvBIj52VPH49amvcRm9q9aUrl/I/3KWvT2nWg/ZVc83PXsNHZN8CzbB/FBJgwqwX8SXFdLRbSsPIa9SKp22oCBOO/5gmrVJwCW 0cyeTaGMfBc=

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September 23, 2016