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What is the relation between a ".商标" domain name and a trademark?

There are many similarities between a ".商标" and a trademark, which are as below:
First, both ".商标" and trademarks are important elements, marks, and signs of any brand of any individual, enterprise, or organization. ".商标" is deemed as an online mark on the Internet and trademarks are more of a conventional business mark. Both are business marks, with identifying functions, which are effective instruments in market;
Second, both ".商标" and trademarks serve brands and create value for brands, which are intangible assets;
Third, the composing elements of ".商标" are associated with those of a trademark;
Fourth, both ".商标" and trademarks are subject to a registration system and follow the principle of "first come, first served";
Fifth, both ".商标" and trademarks are of the same holder;
Sixth, both ".商标" and trademarks are authentic, reliable, and authoritative;
Seventh, a ".商标" is directed to the webpage information related to the trademark only;
Eighth, both ".商标" and trademarks keep the consistency of both online and offline brand trademarks;
Ninth, both ".商标" and trademarks direct consumers in buying goods or services from enterprises, affecting the popularity and reputation of individual, enterprise, or organization, quality and pricing of products and services, which are exploring the same potential competitiveness and profitability in the market;
Tenth, as far as consumers are concerned, both ".商标" and trademarks are the guarantee to quality and credit standing, which reduce the buying cost and risk to consumers;
Eleventh, both ".商标" and trademarks are helpful for products and services entering into both online and offline markets in tandem and helpful to improve consumers' recognition of the quality of both branded products and services, so as to creating higher additional value of such products and services.

Simultaneously, there are also differences between a ".商标" and a trademark:
First, a ".商标" can be used in any country and region in the world, any industry and premise, but there are restrictions of country, region, industry, and peculiarity on the use of trademarks;
Second, a ".商标" and trademarks are different in terms of their application territories, i.e. the former may be used around the world, while the letter may be used in specific territories only;
Third, ".商标" is not limited by similarity, while trademarks are limited by similarity;
Fourth, the registration principles and obtaining channels of a ".商标" are different from those of a trademark;
Fifth, a ".商标" is held by one registrant only, while a trademark may be held by many registrants in different regions;
Sixth, a ".商标" is able to verify the authenticity of a trademark, but a trademark is unable to do so for a ".商标";
Seventh, a ".商标" is of both the trademark rights and the domain name rights, while a trademark is of trademark right only;
Eighth, restriction of the use of partial trademarks (tobacco trademarks and well-known trademarks) are not applicable to a ".商标";
Ninth, in general, there is no restriction on the extended registration of a ".商标" by using a trademark plus registered place or class of the trademark, but there is restriction on the territory and class of registration of a trademark;
Tenth, the feature of ".商标" as a domain name enables it not being faked or misused, but it is frequent for trademarks.

In the Internet information age, the value of conventional trademarks are more embodied by trademark right, but ".商标" resolves issues of protection, representation, application, and use of branded trademarks on the Internet much more prominently. A ".商标" is the combination of a trademark and a domain name. A ".商标" and a trademark are not exchangeable. A ".商标" upgrades the use and value of a trademark. A".商标" and a trademark facilitate and complement each other.

".商标" enables a new representation form for trademarks in the Internet information age, which is an innovative intellectual property symbol that combines a domain name on the World Wide Web and a trademark. A ".商标" gives a trademark even bigger space to use and represent, invigorating trademark, increasing its application effect, enabling faster dissemination of trademark and wider influence of brand, highlighting trademark rights in a stronger way, improving the right protection of trademarks, and effectively exalting brand value, as well as continuing the value, function, and significance of trademark in the Internet information age.