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What powers and functions does the ".商标" Domain Name Registry have?

The ".商标" Domain Name Registry is the registration administrative agency in charge of the generic top-level domain name ".商标" as approved by the ICANN, having the right to lawfully operate, maintain, and manage the top-level domain ".商标" worldwide. The major functions of the Domain Name Registry of ".商标" are to formulate registration rules for the top-level domain ".商标", operate and manage corresponding domain name systems, maintain domain name database, authorize and supervise domain name registration service providers in the provision of domain name registration service, and establish resolution for dispute over ".商标" and nominate dispute settlement institutions, as well as examine and approve applications for registering domain names under registration rules for ".商标".

In China, the administrative approval obtained from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China by the Domain Name ".商标" Registry means that the top-level domain name ".商标" was officially included into the domain name administration system of China. It is authorized to operate the top-level domain name ".商标" from within the territory of China. Registrants of “.商标” domains wishing to use their domains within China should apply for record filing of the website with the competent authorities for domestic website users of ".商标" according to relevant provisions regarding the administration on the Internet domain name in China.